Co-project of Narodnyi Prazdnik and Serguei Letov - ALTERNATIVE - emerged from the rehearsals of Theater performance "Moscow-Petushki" at Taganka Theater in 1996. It has not been included in the final version of the performance, but common rehearsal helped to realize art coexistence and interaction of Russian archaic folklore and modern instrumental improvisation. 5 singers from Narodnyi Prazdnik start to perform with Letov and Parfenov in December of 1996 (Central House of Artist, Central House of Art Workers, Screen - Internet Cafe). Will continue in Internet club SCREEN at 19 of April 1997. The first big performance took place at the Central House of Artist 10 of May 1997. Besides Serguei Letov there were Ioury Parfenov (trumpet), dancers of Expressive Body Movement Class, Alexei Borisov, Vadim Koshkin (movies, computer graphics), who participates in ALTERNATIVE.
Since autumn' 97 great Gipsy singer Valentina Ponomareva joined the group. In the concert of 5/December at Central House of Artist performed Ioury Parfenov, Oleg Lipatov, Alexei Borisov, Roman Lebedev (electronics), Vitaly Bykov (vitar - a kind of sitar), Anna Koleichuk (mobils, objects, movie), PoVSTantsy (Expressive Body Movement Class - Modern Dance), Narodnyi Prazdnik, Vadim Koshkin (computer graphics, video, cinema), Valentina Ponomareva (vocal) and Serguei Letov (idea, composition, sax and flutes).
In May and June of 98 New Russian Alternative performed at Bednye Ludi with personnel: Serguei Letov (sax), Alexei Borisov, Roman Lebedev, Richardas Norwyla (electronics), Oleg Lipatov (electric guitar), and Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble - including - Olga Yukecheva (vocal), Masha Nefedova (vocal), Mikhail Korzin (vocal, violin).

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