The Russian group North, which unites a group of artistic, graphic design, theatrical, musical and film projects, is forming a new movement in contemporary Russian art called "New Archaic Performance".The musical portion of this performance, consisting of ethnic and ritual material and industrial electro will be presented in Prague by Alexei Borisov,a member of the well-known group "Nochnoi Prospect" and the multi-media project "F.R.U.I.T.S." In conjunction with the musical performance the group will present the "Northern Video"project by the independent director Roman Anikushin. The group's urban ritual is based on the myth of the yearly movement of the sun towards the North.North's goal is to illustrate the connection between the laws of nature, religious rites and urban reality. Theritual includes living images based on fairy tales and myths, and appeals to the four elements and the cardinal points of the earth, taking participants and audience to an altered state of consciousness.

The performance in Prague, the mystical center of Europe, will be in April, the season of ecstasy, which reaches its peak in the holiday of Easter.In the performance "After Sieep - Spring" North shows the enormity of the cross as an elementary symbol, representing the mysteries of time and space. NORTH The magi of the city make their clothing from mass-produced plastic, from the poisonous paint of advertisements, bandages, hockey shields, and the protective masks of welders. Emblems: the signifying emblems of vanished cultes, incomprehensibie vision, nonexistent civilizations. Hearing the echo of hidden traditions, the urban minstrels heed the call of the unknown, unable to resist the whispers of the spirit world.The fire on their bodies is real fire, the magical element of all huma religion, illuminating the circle that is dancing, singing and running round the North Pole.


The Earth becomes a city street.

Electricity competes with the sun.

Virtual reality replaces the fairy tale.