Psychoactive Games


SEVER art-group identifies the objective of its synthetic project as
harmonization of space through synthesis of elements of Nature and
forces of the Earth with technogenic emanations and informational
fields by means of creating an urbanistic ritual, combination of
modern art, ethnic traditions, top technology and archaic legends.
Such performance helps attain a high-toned new state of space and, as
the result, such state of consciousness of the participants and the
audience, which is conducive to an awakening of the primal instinct
and sense to beauty. The maximum fecundity shall be attained by the
implementation of a pre-planned series of actions in informationally
relevant spots of the European continent. The objective of this
project is identical with long-term purposes of our organization. The
unicity in relation to other synthetic projects is in the idea and the
form of its expression represented as ultra-partisan style inherent to
no one else in Russia and totally unknown in the West.